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Some Variations / Nestings of CSS-Format-Definitions

See Sourcecode of this page:

Before 1.paragraph

mycolorcombi1 in 1.paragraph
span with mycolorcombi2 in 1.paragraph go on after span

after 1.paragraph

in 2.paragraph with mycenter

in 3.paragraph with class='mycenter mycolorcombi1'

in H2

4.para with link abcitalic after italic go on in 4.para after link

after 4.para
in not before-styled 'box99'
[style='width:50%; background-color:yellow; margin-left:auto; margin-bottom:2em; padding:20px']
in before-styled 'mybox1'
after mybox1
in before-styled 'mybox2' with class='mycolorcombi2'

Changing Content via InlineFrames without Javascript

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